Face-to-Face Meetings

Face-to-Face Meetings Aren’t Going Anywhere

We have been talking a whole lot lately about technology. That’s because there’s just a whole lot of technology lately to be talked about. But, where does that leave good, old fashioned, face-to-face interactions? According to most of our guests, including the ones on this week’s show, it leaves them just about where they’ve always been. Relationships may be [...]

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Brad Falberg and Todd Bugg with Exhibitus

As Founder and President, Brad is the driving force behind the Exhibitus corporate philosophy: “DESIGN MATTERS.”  An award-winning custom exhibit house, the company specializes in 3-dimensional design for trade shows, corporate events, user conferences, permanent installations, museums and corporate interiors. Brad’s commitment to excellent design has led him to develop and champion a process that [...]

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