Establish Your Thought Leadership

 I have a confession.  When I first read the work of our guest this week, Kaihan Krippendorff, Founder of Outthinker, I experienced a fair bit of professional envy.  It’s really groundbreaking, and it’s really good.  A strategy consultant, Kaihan has created a catalog of all the strategies that ever been used, modernized from a list [...]

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Facing the Disruption Tsunami

Every company is a technology company in today’s business environment.  And, every company will face disruption, given the pace of technology innovation.  Either your company will be the cause, or it will be forced to deal with the effects.  Regardless, technology disruption is now a fact of business. So, you’re in your office watching the [...]

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Jon Slangerup and Blake Shumate with American Global Logistics

About the Show On this CEO Exclusive, we talk with Jon Slangerup and Blake Shumate with American Global Logistics about technology and disruption with regard to supply chain, and how people's buying behavior is changing. About American Global Logistics Jon Slangerup joined American Global Logistics as chairman in April 2017 and was appointed Executive Chairman [...]

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The Digital Employee Has Arrived

Robot servants. According to the media, we should already be dealing with human-like automatons cleaning our houses, babysitting our kids, and plotting the eventual overthrow of mankind. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wondering when that sci-fi future we all were promised is going to finally arrive. Well, according to this week’s guests, [...]

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Disrupt Your Industry in 3 Steps

Deep inside, everyone wants to make a difference.  Leave their mark on the world.  Have a legacy.  But, what happens when your mission challenges the status quo, maybe even human nature?   You become a disruptor, like this week’s guests. Indeed, when CEO Claude Tellis of Naturade and his CMO, Kareem Cook, saw the rampant obesity [...]

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Scott Dockter with PBD Worldwide and Jan Jones with Freight Scouts

About the Show On this CEO Exclusive we talk about disruption and technology trends with Scott Dockter and Jan Jones with PBD Worldwide. About PBD Worldwide Scott Dockter joined PBD Worldwide in 1993 and is responsible for the overall operations and management. Since being named CEO/President in 2000, PBD has expanded to become an international [...]

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