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Is Your Company True to its Values?

How true is your company to its stated core values or desired culture?  I assert that in every company there’s a gap. Despite any CEO’s most concerted and heartfelt efforts, there’s some difference between your highest aspirations for what you want your company to be, for your employee behavior, for your own leadership—and the sometimes [...]

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Elevating Humanity Through Business

There is a trend happening in office buildings around the world, a revolution jumpstarted by John Mackey and Raj Sisodia and their book Conscious Capitalism. Hoping to build a more cooperative, humane, and positive future, they believe that businesses should focus on a higher purpose, as well as making money; that they should focus on [...]

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Taking off the Mask of Perfection

When we think of titles like 'CEO' and 'CFO,' we think of power, importance, influence, and dominance. But, according to Laura Whitaker, our guest this week and Executive Director of Extra Special People, that’s an unhelpful facade.  Instead, humility has been the difference between her success and failure. For an organization like ESP, service and sacrifice [...]

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Unlock Your Employees’ Potential

You see them on every corner. The competition is fierce. So how does a hair salon go from an unknown local business to a 30-year success story and one of AJC’s “Best Places to Work?” On this week’s CEO Exclusive, we discover the secret to Atlanta-based Joseph and Friends Salon & Spa’s success. Sitting down [...]

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