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The Core Value and Culture Gap

©️ Rule No 1. Inc. Used with Permission About the Show On this CEO Exclusive host Soyini Coke revisits a conversation about culture and core values. Listen in as she talks about the gap between the values that are espoused by management and what the actual culture is. Mentioned in this Episode Dana [...]

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Is Your Company True to its Values?

How true is your company to its stated core values or desired culture?  I assert that in every company there’s a gap. Despite any CEO’s most concerted and heartfelt efforts, there’s some difference between your highest aspirations for what you want your company to be, for your employee behavior, for your own leadership—and the sometimes [...]

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Kevin Scott and Jake Lacy with ADDO Worldwide

About This Week's Show On this CEO Exclusive, Kevin Scott and Jake Lacy with ADDO Worldwide join us to discuss Millennials in the workforce, and how to instill core values and culture into your company's population and employee base. About ADDO Worldwide ADDO is a brand + experience consultancy that helps businesses and brands ideate [...]

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Your Culture Machine

We’ve been talking a lot lately about technology trends. They’re exciting and they have a gigantic impact on the way we do business. This week, though, I want to talk about something that is just as important: having your company’s core values show up in the day to day operations of your business. Core values are crucial for [...]

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Core Values, Culture and the Reality in Your Business

About Core Values On this CEO Exclusive Radio, host Soyini Coke looks at the distance between what you say your core values are as a CEO and what shows up in reality in your business. We also discuss supporting your executive leadership in modeling your cultural values and the tools you're using to effectively implement [...]

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