Annandale Village

Planning In Uncertain Times

You know it’s bad when the New York Times has a front-page article on planning for the apocalypse. Rampant uncertainty can undermine even the most solid business plan. This week, I’m delighted to have on the show, CEO and President of Annandale Village, Adam Pomeranz, and the former chairman of their board, Chuck Lotz. Since [...]

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Adam Pomeranz and Charles Lotz with Annandale Village

Adam C. Pomeranz joined Annandale Village in 2004 as its Chief Executive Officer. A widely respected leader in the developmentally disabled sector, Adam oversees Annandale’s strategic direction and daily operations including; the delivery of programs and services, finance, development, health services, and community outreach. In addition, Adam also serves as the Executive Director of The [...]

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