Facing the Disruption Tsunami

Every company is a technology company in today’s business environment.  And, every company will face disruption, given the pace of technology innovation.  Either your company will be the cause, or it will be forced to deal with the effects.  Regardless, technology disruption is now a fact of business. So, you’re in your office watching the [...]

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How AI is Changing the Landscape – Literally

This isn’t our first article on Artificial Intelligence, but for many people, this one might hit closest to home. Your front yard, to be exact. The lawn care industry is changing, and the way this week’s guests are approaching those changes offers great business lessons, regardless of your industry. On this week’s show we talked about systems, [...]

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Dick and Josh Bare with Arbor-Nomics Turf

About the Show On this week's CEO Exclusive, we discuss how technology is affecting a very old industry and we learn how Dick and Josh Bare with Arbor-Nomics are dealing with the changes. About Arbor-Nomics Dick Bare founded his Atlanta lawn care services company in 1980 with the promise of “old-fashioned customer service.” Today that [...]

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