Soyini Coke

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Soyini Coke
Managing Principal

Soyini Coke has spent her career helping health care organizations deliver bottom line results through targeted transformation and sales efforts. Soyini has served dozens of C-suite executives, focusing on large healthcare provider groups, and government organizations. She is particularly passionate about using the intersection of sales and strategy to identify and capitalize on overlooked financial opportunities. In all, Soyini brings 15 years of expertise, having developed a unique approach to translating strategic thinking into tactics that drive behavioral change at the salesperson level. Notable engagements include:

  • Working with a large physicians group to assess their market and develop a strategic plan to increase their footprint of ambulatory surgical centers. Performed a market assessment of the surgical center market, identifying an underserved segment, and helped the client grow revenues by 30% in two years.

  • Creating a knowledge repository for a large B2B sales force to use for insight-led sales, a new movement in sales methodology. This knowledgebase included key industry trends, decision criteria for the organization, and negotiating terms for the sales people.

  • Completing a market analysis of the current with project management organizations (PMOs) in Fortune 1000 companies. Identified key needs and concerns in PMOs with centralized versus decentralized structures.

  • Developing commercialization strategies with multiple medical device companies in a number of applications (i.e. dental, urology, radiology, and optometry). Identified and quantified the target market, secured strategic partnerships, developed the initial launch budget, and helped win a licensing agreement.

Most recently, Soyini has completed a sweeping health care transformation plan for a large northeastern state, and worked with a Fortune 40 health insurance provider to transform their organizational culture, including developing their internal communications program.

Originally from Atlanta, she began her career as a business analyst at McKinsey after graduating cum laude from Harvard University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics and Economics.

When she is not helping her clients succeed, Soyini spends her time as host of CEO Exclusive, a weekly internet radio show that discusses emerging trends with CEOS that are relevant to his or her peers.  Soyini is also a very enthusiastic, but mediocre salsa dancer.