Dan Jourdan: The Sales Energizer, Sales Coach and Trainer

About the Show

On this CEO Exclusive we talk with Dan Jourdan, The Sales Energizer, about what’s going on in the world of sales, building sales organizations and how technology in some of the new trends are affecting sales organizations.

About The Sales Energizer

Dan Jourdan is uniquely equipped to work with organizations to assess needs, identify strengths, and design programs that serve each client’s unique requirements. Dan’s sales methodology comes from his experience in the areas of:

  • Being a former financial consultant with Smith Barney.
  • Successfully building-up and selling four small businesses.
  • His work as a college instructor teaching business management.
  • Speaker/Coach for the Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Course.
  • Gitomer Certified Speaker

Dan’s sales methodology often bridges the gap between “what people think they should do” and “what really works.” His sales philosophy is a cross between Confucius and Robin Williams.

When it comes to the area of entrepreneurship, Dan brings a unique perspective, as he has been both owner and operator of small businesses in varying industries for his entire adult life. He has even successfully run businesses in industries he knew nothing about – just for the challenge.

He likes being referred to as “Your friendly neighborhood business broker”
This is due to his web of influence in the small business community through prospecting, networking, and flying through hitting the streets.

Dan specializes in keynote speeches, training workshops, and entrepreneurial coaching. Dan’s popular topics include: leadership skills, sales presentations, promoting your business, and customer service.

Find out more about Dan on his website, and follow him on LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

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