Ben Hamilton and Alex Teodorescu with ImagineAir

Since co-founding IMAGINEAIRBen Hamilton has led the company through continuous year-over-year growth in his mission to bring private aviation to the masses, with over $16M in revenue and 5 Million passenger miles flown to date. Ben is passionate about enabling people to connect face-to-face with ease and spend more time on what matters. Prior to serving in his role as CEO, Ben was heavily involved with the operational development of IMAGINEAIR, and served as the company’s Part 135 Director of Operations. He has personally flown hundreds of IMAGINEAIR customers, greatly valuing the opportunity to get to know them and to use that experience in ensuring the delivery of exceptional service across the organization.

Prior to launching IMAGINEAIR, Ben served as President of Georgia Tech’s Yellow Jacket Flying Club of more than 200 members, and was a flight instructor with exceptional success instructing students, faculty and alumni. Ben is a licensed Airline Transport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor with Multi-Engine, Single-Engine, and Instrument Ratings. He holds a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech and an M.B.A from Emory University.

As Flight Operations Manager, Alex Teodorescu ensures that all aspects of the company’s flight operations maintain the high levels of safety, quality and professionalism that have become synonymous with the name IMAGINEAIR. Prior to his involvement with IMAGINEAIR, Alex served as Assistant Manager of Radu Physical Culture in New York, helping to oversee the operation of two facilities, one in New York City and the other on Long Island.

Alex earned a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering with Honors from Georgia Tech and holds a commercial pilot license with multiengine, single-engine, and instrument ratings. At Georgia Tech, Alex also served as the Crew Chief of two aircraft and as the Vice President of Maintenance on the Executive Committee. In his free time, Alex enjoys the outdoors, rock climbing, caving, mountain biking, freediving, and skydiving.

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