CEO Exclusive: Conscious Capitalism Takeover

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On this CEO Exclusive Radio, host Soyini Coke discusses what it will take in order for all companies to embrace the Conscious Capitalism way of doing business. She also talks about features the infrastructure needs in order to help businesses who have made the commitment:

Realistic—I’ve been bringing up the dark side of human behavior in my conversations about conscious capitalism lately. I think it’s critical to have an approach to helping business implement with real people. How do you create a conscious culture in the face of people’s natural tendency to gossip? How do you deal with ethical failures? Implementation has to effectively address non-conscious capitalism. Enough with the butterflies and rainbows, already.

Authentic—Effective implementation has to get underneath the impulse for social performance. I want to look like I have everything together. So do you. So does everyone. But, if implementation of conscious capitalism devolves into good PR, the movement will not realize its potential. Here’s another place where metrics will be incredibly helpful.

Accessible—Conscious Capitalism needs to avoid a club mentality or the specter of elitism. Full market adoption by definition means that this approach is for everyone. Small businesses, large businesses. Rural farmers and city bankers. Hospitals, schools, manufacturers, and every industry you can think of. Fortune 100 CEOs and business school students. Answering the question of how to make implementation available to the masses is a key issue to address.

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