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Conference Broadcast

Conference podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular way to expand the reach of trade shows, association events, corporate events and conferences.  The CEO Exclusive team is available to help you increase the ROI for your next trade show or conference.

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Benefits of a Conference Podcast:

  • Increase sponsorship dollars
  • Expand your audience
  • Leverage event content
  • Keep your audience engaged
  • Globalize your conference
  • Highlight key content points
  • Promote your next event

Soyini Coke is the producer and primary host of CEO Exclusive Radio, a popular business podcast featuring midmarket CEOs in the Atlanta area.  The CEO Exclusive Radio podcast gets over 5000 impressions per show.  Soyini and her team have interviewed hundreds of mid-market CEOs, and broadcast live from conferences across the United States.

Soyini is a business strategist who has leveraged her unique method of market analysis to create millions in increased annual revenue for clients. She is the principal strategist at Annona Enterprises, a former McKinsey and Company Business Analyst, and a graduate of Harvard University.

Services provided

  • The CEO Exclusive Team will handle your conference podcast from start to finish. Our experienced team will create an in-house studio area to interview your speakers and guests.
  • If you choose, we will work with you to schedule interviews with your key presenters and participants.
  • If desired, we will broadcast your conference live over the dedicated CEO Exclusive internet radio station. Broadcasts will be promoted through press releases and a one-month social media campaign
  • We will process all audio and present you with clean, edited audio files to use in your future promotions and content schedules.

The Stats on Podcasts:

Sources: Edison 

  • The market for podcasts is expanding rapidly. Podcasts can now be heard on Google Play Music, Pandora, and Spotify – as well as traditional outlets like Itunes and Stitcher.
  • iTunes has surpassed 1 billion podcast subscriptions
  • Global smartphone reach is higher than ever before – reaching 2 billion users in 2015.
  • 32% of marketers would like to learn more about podcasting use in social media, but only 3% of marketers are currently using it
  • Podcasts are easy to share, and podcast consumers display strong social networking behavior – so they will help promote your content for you
  • 67% of podcast listeners are ok with sponsorship messages – compared to 6% of TV and radio audience members.
  • 65% of podcast fans are more willing to consider purchasing products and services that they learn about during a podcast.
  • 76% of podcast listeners say that listening to podcasts “whenever” they want is a leading value proposition, and 71% cite the ability to listen to podcasts wherever they want as very important.

To book us for a live broadcast from your next event, email

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