Cindy Bowden and Justine Okello with Clarkston Community Center

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On this CEO Exclusive we talk with Cindy Bowden and Justin Okello with the Clarkston Community Center about trends that are happening in the nonprofit sector.

About Clarkston Community Center

Clarkston Community Center opened its doors in 1994 and we keep growing year over year. Currently, we proudly serve more than 50,000 individuals.

We are a meeting place for both long-term residents and families and individuals that were not born in the U.S. In fact, 43% of Clarkston’s residents are foreign-born and more than half are living in poverty. The CCC provides unique experiences, educational resources, and valuable tools that foster community while celebrating cultural diversity.

Cindy Bowden has been the Executive Director at the Clarkston Community Center for 2 years. Cindy is the past President of the World Craft Council of North America (WCCNA) which is affiliated with UNESCO. She was the Director of the Bright Ring Foundation whose mission is to assist non-profit organizations and artists in becoming sustainable. Cindy has curated exhibitions and coordinated art exchange programs with Universities and museums in Italy, Japan, and Chile, and has worked in the museum and not-for-profit field for thirty-five years.

Justine Okello is from Uganda, East Africa and has a passion for community engagement and development. He graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Gulu University in Uganda and has worked with non-profit agencies like UNICEF, Human Rights Focus (HURIFO), Save the Children and Acholi Education Initiative (AEI).  He is a big fan of contemporary art and loves exploring different cultures.

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