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This week’s podcast was a bit different from our other shows. Instead of the standard format, where we discussed emerging trends with noted business leaders as part of an ongoing dialogue, I made this week’s show more personal. One on one. Me talking directly to you, the listener. It’s important for us at CEO Exclusive to do a better job of engaging with our listeners and readers—to really listen to what you have to say and address your needs and your goals.

CEO Exclusive’s mission is to provide the kind of information that will support you in understanding market trends and building meaningful relationships.  To better serve our audience, like any media entity, we need to have a clear “content strategy”. I hoped to accomplish this via a survey that went out a few months ago, and what I learned was very eye-opening indeed.  I’ll share what we found and also some opportunities for you to communicate with us.

Your Feedback on What You’d Like Us to Discuss

The survey asked, “What information do you have a *burning desire* to read/listen to/consume?”  Respondents were given a list of seven choices. Here’s the top two:

  • Stories of triumph over adversity, or overcoming failure–Really? I was a little surprised that this was the top choice. I believe that others are covering this content well,(like Tim Your feedbackFerriss, specifically), so I’m reluctant to take the show down this path.  However, I was told in follow-up conversations that stories about CEOs facing insurmountable odds and overcoming them are food for the soul, and that people can’t get enough. “Give us the feel-good stories, we want them,” one person said definitively. I’m determined to honor the data.  So, one goal in 2018 will be to bring this content to you in a fresh and meaningful way.
  • Hot Trends in Your Specific Niche–The next preference from the survey was discussions on the hot trends in various industries. This was a relief—because it’s the primary goal of the first half of the show. As we all know, there’s something new around every corner, from Bitcoin to A.I. (or artificial intelligence), and CEO Exclusive prides itself on connecting with various leaders from a wide variety of companies and business types to discuss them.Disruption and disruptive technology are popular topics, and I want to get further upstream in our coverage. We need to do a better job of segmenting by niche and letting you choose the subjects you want to follow. A CEO in healthcare doesn’t necessarily care about what’s happening in logistics.  I get it, and I’ve heard you.  We’ve already started tagging our shows by industry and topic.  We plan to implement a preference center on our new website. This may take a while, so I ask for patience here.

Why We’re Here and Why We Need You

Here to helpI love the middle market.  I really do.  I believe it’s the place where the American Dream comes true. I want CEO Exclusive to lead rich and meaningful discussions about how to grow the pie for everyone. Let me give you an example…

In the first draft of the survey, there was a question that we removed—”What is it that motivates or inspires you about your job as a CEO?” I think this question is critical for us to answer if we’re going to develop a compelling content and brand strategy for CEO Exclusive.  The answer I got from most people I asked was honest and moving: One CEO said it best, “We’re type A personalities. At first, I was motivated by the money and the glory. It was all about ego and the bottom line. Profits and a high profile. But as I matured, I saw the bigger picture. It was no longer just about me. It was about the 2900 families that go to bed every night and wake up every morning depending on me and this business.

Suddenly, they became my focus. They became the reason why I make the difficult decisions and strove toward success. It is now my goal to make this company a more hospitable, prosperous, and overall great place to work. I want those 2900 employees to be fulfilled. No matter the level of success, there is one inescapable fact which continues to inspire me- that we are all human and we are all in this together.”

In private conversations, it became clear that making life better, specifically for your employees, is the most inspiring part of your work in leading your companies. I’m glad you are inspired by this.  We’re inspired by it, too! It’s a mindset that can be extended and applied to community, city, or even country.  That’s was CEO Exclusive is here to do (and is the subject of the second half of the show).

I want every mid-market CEO in the country engaged in this dialogue with us. I want us to do this together.

I Want to Hear From You

CEO Exclusive wants to support mid-market CEOs through meaningful, transformative conversation. To that end, we want you to be part of this process, to provide your input, your feedback. hear from youThere are several ways you can do this:

  1. You can reach out to me, Soyini Coke, via LinkedIn or Twitter. I don’t do Facebook (sorry) and it takes me a couple of days to deal with Tweets and Twitter. Or you can email or call me at 404-643-7643.
  2. You can also have a look around our new CEO Exclusive website and see the exciting things and informative content we’ve been posting.
  3. You can participate in the CEO Exclusive experience by contributing to the podcast (be our guest!)
  4. How about offering up an article or personal insight as part of our email newsletter?
  5. Coming soon! Become a guest blogger. We have plans to allow for your contributions in the near future.

I will also be creating a white paper in the near future – it will be a CEO Survival Guide to Technology. It will focus on those trends you need to be aware of so you and your business can go from disrupted to disruptor. We’re in this together, so share with us today. Let’s talk!


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