Invitation to Love and Humanity in Business (tomorrow!)

Love and humanityHappy Valentine’s Day!!!!

When Conscious Capitalism mentioned that they want to do an event on love during Valentine’s week, I was thrilled. While this holiday is typically devoted to romance, according to Psychology Today, there are 7 kinds of love that form the foundation of human relationships. Philia is the kind of love that exists between friends. It’s goodwill between people. Agape is unconditional love for humanity. It’s charity and kindness.

Regardless of what it’s called, the kind of love that fosters healthy interactions in your office is critical to your company culture. It creates trust. It allows for free flow of ideas. It encourages risk taking and creativity. It allows people to forgive and recover from mistakes.

Tomorrow, at a breakfast panel, I’ll be moderating a conversation about how to cultivate this kind of love in your business. Come join us at Love and Humanity in Business at 7:30AM. Click here to register.

Raj Sisodia, Co-Chairman of Conscious Capitalism, will be our esteemed keynote speaker. He’ll share highlights from his new book, The Healing Organization—which explains how to develop a caring, compassionate, conscious culture that can heal employees, the community, and the world. The Healing Org

“A conscious, caring business actually takes people who are broken, burned out, stressed out, almost in a post-traumatic stress situation, and over time helps them become whole again. This is not about healing businesses; it is not about starting a yoga or a massage business. We are saying that any business at all, every single business, can be a healing business. It is about business itself as a healing occupation, as a fundamentally healing activity,” Raj Sisodia from The Healing Organization.

Tomorrow, we will delve into some details of bringing this vision of business as a healing profession to reality. We’ll have three seasoned CEOs there to discuss their efforts to foster well-being and love in their corporate environments.

  • Jabian Consulting is a management consulting firm and a four-time INC 5000 awardee. Your typical management consulting firm puts its consultants on the road four nights a week, making family life really difficult. Jabian has decided to be a 100% local firm out of a commitment to putting families and the community ahead of company profits.
  • AG Rhodes, the oldest nursing home in Atlanta, has industry defying turnover. Why do people stick around in an industry where the average yearly turnover is 20-30%? Because management has decided to put them first. They believe that if the employees feel the love, they will turn around and show love to AG Rhodes’ patients.
  • Modo Modo Agency was one of the Best Places to Work in 2017. Moira Vetter, their founder, attributes some of this success to their DoGooder program. One day each quarter, the employees choose a worthwhile cause through an application process, and the entire company takes one day off to donate their time.

My goal is to spread this way of thinking and operating throughout the business community. Love isn’t just for romance. It’s for every conversation. Every human interaction. Do you have humans in your business? Hopefully, you love them!

Hope to see you tomorrow.

Love and Humanity in Business: Creating a Caring Culture with Raj Sisodia
February 15 @ 7:30 am – 9:30 am
Click here to register

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