Using Technology to Feed the World

There’s a lot of farming in Georgia. Come to think of it, there’s a lot of farming in a lot of places. Agriculture is the oldest industry on the planet. People need to eat. Eating is delicious. And necessary for life. There are predictions that our population will grow from our current 7 billion to [...]

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Technology, Drowning but Still Thirsty

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Do you ever feel, as a midmarket CEO, that there are technology solutions all over the place, but perhaps none that fit your particular needs? There’s a supply and demand problem in technology today – but it’s not an issue of balance, it’s an issue of [...]

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Fintech? Here Comes Fintouch

There’s been a revolution, people. Still happening. It’s in the world of lending, and it has to do with technology and automation. (Okay, yes, that revolution isn’t just happening in lending- it’s all over the place. But stay focused. Lending.) The fintech industry has exploded, and it provides a lot of good things – but [...]

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Are We Ready to Retrain 73 Million Workers?

Every so often I like to take a step back and examine some of the megatrends that continually come up in conversation with guests from across various industries. This is one of those weeks, and Artificial Intelligence is one of those pervasive topics that has crossed industry lines throughout the history of our show. It [...]

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Facing the Disruption Tsunami

Every company is a technology company in today’s business environment.  And, every company will face disruption, given the pace of technology innovation.  Either your company will be the cause, or it will be forced to deal with the effects.  Regardless, technology disruption is now a fact of business. So, you’re in your office watching the [...]

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