Coming out of La La Land

“I’m an artist, forced into management. I didn’t pursue management, it just kind of ended up this way,” says Chris LeDoux, one of the Co-Founders of Crafty Apes, a full-service visual effects (VFX) studio.  It looks like he’s managed okay—with Crafty Apes now spanning three offices, employing over 120 people, and working on some of [...]

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Will Netflix Start an Avalanche?

In 2016 there were more major films shot in Georgia than in California, or in the whole countries of Canada or England. Since the  30% tax incentive plan, called HB 1100, took effect in 2008 the entertainment industry in Georgia has increased over 20 times, from $93 million in direct spending in 2007 to 2.02 [...]

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Your Industry in Flux? 5 Solutions

This week’s guests live right at the intersection of healthcare and retail.  And, between Amazon and the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there is a lot of flux happening in both of these two industries.   I’m very excited to welcome one of the largest dental service organizations in the United States, Great Expressions Dental.  I’m joined [...]

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