More than Mexican Food

Demography is destiny.  Yes, this is a cliché. But, it’s also the truth.  While I hear age demographics discussed from a million different angles in mid-market business trends, I find the discussions of changing race and ethnic demographics to be less nuanced.  We talk ad nauseum about millennials—their impact on corporate culture, their values, the [...]

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Mixing Religion and Business

Talking about religion in the workplace is a no-no, right? To the contrary, it seems to be working out quite well for Giving Company, a faith-based media company. With four properties, including the recent acquisition of a Christian bookstore chain, they are a healthy and growing enterprise.  Divine intervention, perhaps? This week on CEO Exclusive, [...]

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9 Tips for Creating a Compelling Company Culture

We’re in the middle of a series on fintech, and this week’s guests are from one of the hottest companies in the industry. Kabbage provides financing for small businesses, and they have developed a culture that has helped build their company over the last 10 years to more than 500 employees. I’m sure most of [...]

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Conscious Capitalism is a Team Sport

Conscious Capitalism is a powerful new business trend. I didn’t come up with the concept, but it aligns deeply with my purpose and inspires me daily. I believe in a world where people’s hearts, minds, bellies, and wallets are full. And, I joyfully see that world coming into being through the progressive adoption of Conscious [...]

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Authenticity Through Storytelling

How do customers, employees, and the market know if a company’s commitment to a higher purpose or a conscious culture is real?  A few weeks ago, our article, Is the Purpose Movement a Fad, discussed the risk of pasting higher purpose language on marketing collateral simply to appease a growing demographic of consumers who are [...]

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