Is Robin Hood the Answer?

Socialism has been all the rage these days. I scrupulously avoid political conversation on CEO Exclusive, for obvious reasons. But, I think it’s helpful for business leaders to examine capitalism versus socialism and why socialism is coming back into the public discourse in such a prominent way over the past few months. According to Wikipedia, [...]

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The Limits of Monkey See, Monkey Do

In the 1990s, Robin Dunbar, an anthropologist, found a correlation between the size of a primate’s brain and the number of social relationships it can maintain.  Humans are primates, so he extrapolated these finding to derive Dunbar’s number—150. This is the estimated number of stable relationships that any individual can hold. So much for 100,000 [...]

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Conscious Capitalism Takeover

At the end of the Love and Humanity in Business event on February 15, I was left with the question of what would it take for all companies to embrace this way of doing business.  Certainly, there are many organizations working on different aspects of this issue.  B Lab, Just Capitalism, GoBeyondProfit, Conscious Capitalism are [...]

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Invitation to Love and Humanity in Business (tomorrow!)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! When Conscious Capitalism mentioned that they want to do an event on love during Valentine’s week, I was thrilled. While this holiday is typically devoted to romance, according to Psychology Today, there are 7 kinds of love that form the foundation of human relationships. Philia is the kind of love that exists [...]

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Business as a Healing Profession

“A conscious, caring business actually takes people who are broken, burned out, stressed out, almost in a post-traumatic stress situation, and over time helps them become whole again. This is not about healing businesses; it is not about starting a yoga or a massage business. We are saying that any business at all, every single [...]

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Caring in Action

As we enter February, love is in the air. “Love” is not a word commonly used in business circles, but it’s not like we don’t need it in the workplace. If we consider love as an authentic human connection, an exchange of good will between people, or taking care of each other, then it’s really [...]

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