Ben Worley and Mark Moore with Agrisource Data

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On this CEO Exclusive we welcome the team from Agrisource Data; their CEO, Ben Worley, and one of their board members and investors, Mark Moore.

About Agrisource Data

Leveraging the latest advances in science and technology, including Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and cloud-based communication protocols that accelerate data collection and analysis across the entire seed-to-shelf spectrum, Agrisource Data delivers the most complete solution in the market for meeting the challenge of global food production.

Ben Worley is the founder and CEO of Agrisource Data, an Atlanta-based AgTech company focused on utilizing multi-layer intelligence to provide hyper-visibility into the entire food production chain through IoT and Artificial Intelligence. Ben is a respected global thought leader in the application of data to Smart Agriculture ecosystems. His background includes work in the Defense, Telecommunications, Private Equity, Aerospace and Agriculture industries.

With 20 years of entrepreneurial experience and active involvement in dozens of business across the southeastern US, Mark Moore’s passion is in finding and empowering new entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams. Through financial, strategic and day to day operational support, advice and mentoring, Mark helps launch, manage and grow businesses into lasting, successful enterprises.

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